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3 Things You'll Want to Capture while Pregnant

Looking back at when I was pregnant, there are some things I am so glad I did and you'll be glad you'd did them too!

1. Document everything! Get those weekly photos in!

Ok, so I didn't document EVERYTHING, but I made sure to take weekly photos once I found out I was pregnant and take pictures and videos of the journey along the way! And honestly, I am so glad I did!

2. Make sure you book a maternity photo session!

You'll want to get some professional photos about 32-35 weeks pregnant, that's when your little baby bump is radiant in pictures and you'll definitely want that!

3. Enjoy the pregnancy journey!

You're only pregnant for 9 months, enjoy the weird cravings, the flutters, the kicks (even if they may hurt you at times). When you're pregnant, that's the one time it seems like its ok to have a belly. So stick that baby bump out and rock your belly bump! To be honest, I felt really beautiful and more sexy while being pregnant (I think mostly due to my husband telling me and the hormones). There will be times when it's definitely not enjoyable but just remind yourself, that you are carrying a human being inside of you, your body is growing another human! Only women have that power! So enjoy that fact at least!

35 weeks
This is me at 35 weeks pregnant with my first!

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